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About Hope In Alaska Ministry
My Wife Rachelle and I moved to Bethel Alaska with our two boys in August of 2005.  In September of 2004 While returning to seattle from Kodiak God spoke to me calling me the the villages of Alaska.  In Febuary of 2005 while Rachelle was doing a cross cultural nursing experiance in Bethel she felt called to come help the people of the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta.  Soon after Rachelle's graduation from Nursing School she was offered a position at the Yukon Kuskokwim Regional Hospital were she has been blesed to touch many lives over the years working in many areas of the hospital were she is curently the wound care nurse consulting and directing wound care for all department in the hospital.  

When I arrived in Bethel I had no job or direction of what God had in store but I soon got a possition with the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation traveling as a remote maintenance worker to 15 villages on the lower KuskoKwim Delta.  Shortly I was working with the youth at Bethel Community Assembly of God when the youth pastors resigned.  In 2006 the Senior Pastor reigned and I acceped the poistion in December of 2006  As Senior Pastor I had the ability to work with sevral missions teams on outreaches to villages surrounding Bethel.  Over the years of pastoring God was prepairing my wife and I for HOPE in Alaska Ministry.  In December of 2010 I felt God moving me on to a new work yet I stayed on as pastor until an new pastor took charge of the church in July 2011.

This is when we launched fully into starting a outreach ministry to help build people and the churches of the Delta.  Through camps we plan to evangelize and desciple youth raising up a generation that will help others and bring hope to there villages breaking the cycle of suicside and drug abuse.  We want to partner with other churches to build a strong christian community that is making a differnce through living as servent leaders in there communities.  Our name HOPE stands for Helping Other People Excel  this is what we believe will make the difference in the villages of the delta when we raise up Christians to help others both physically and spiritualy we will see Christianity excel and people excel to be all they can be, hopelessnes will be turned to hope.

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Rev Bob & Rachelle White

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